Rosary Church at Shetti Halli

Rosary Church at Shetti Halli

Rosary Church at Shetti Halli

The monumental Rosary Church at Shetti Halli, a village in Hassan district, is one of the most popular picnic spots in Karnataka. Rosary Church is just about two km away from Shetti Halli. It is learnt that Rosary Church was built in 1860 by French Missionaries. As a result of the construction of a dam across Hemavati River in 1960, this Church sank in the backwaters in 1976. Therefore, the Christian families living near the Church shifted to other places. Since then, Rosary Church has remained a popular picnic spot. During every rainy season, when the water-level in the river rises, the Church remains covered by water. However, during the summer season, the Church is seen in all its glory. Situated amidst the silent waters of Hemavati and covered by rich greenery, Rosary Church presents a very attractive monument to see.

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